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Real Estate law

In today’s market, the general thought is that an actual “closing” is a miracle. At the Law Offices of Thomas C. O'Brien, we get it done.

In Lake County and Kenosha County, we have a network of allies -- title companies, surveyors, environmental consultants, and others,  who work with us to help our clients through difficult transitions. We work with the respective parties to address appraisal issues, survey questions, waterfront ownership rights, title problems and other relevant issues. Country real estate poses its own set of issues: well tests, septic function, and lot and line issues are just a few.

We are partnered with short sale specialists to get those “under water” homes sold. We are active in foreclosure defense in both Illinois and Wisconsin, despite each state's having very different foreclosure consequences.

Many of our clients have not thoroughly considered their options when they fall behind with a lender. If you are facing foreclosure, the time to act is now. No attorney can guarantee your home will be saved unless, say, you qualify for a Chapter 13 bankruptcy. An aggressive, proactive response from an attorney well versed in foreclosure issues, however, may get you the breathing space you need to carefully assess your position, determine your best next steps. or deal with the threatened loss of your home.

We are respected by the best providers in these fields and they, in turn, provide us the very best service for our clients.

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