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Bankruptcy Law

Our good reputation in this field is due to our perspective on bankruptcy: It is a valuable right, not to be misused and to be avoided if a reasonable alternative exists.

Early advice is critical.

In most cases, an individual facing bankruptcy is also facing relentless phone calls from creditors, garnishment of wages, property levies and impending lawsuits. Many clients come to us the week before a sheriff’s sale, or with a garnishment already in place against their wages. They have fought to avoid filing. They may have paid substantial amounts to a “debt resolution agency”, drained their retirement accounts and endured considerable stress rather than declare bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy requires a preliminary counseling course and some serious pre-filing planning. In many cases, if you come to us when you realize there are future problems, we can help. Only a bankruptcy attorney can stop garnishments and give you options.

We will review the details of your case and get you properly directed at our first consultation. We will get you through the first counseling course, and work closely with you on an individual basis to determine what debt relief options are appropriate for you. Whether that involves filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy to have your unsecured debts discharged, Chapter 13 bankruptcy to protect your home and assets from liquidation or something else, we will help you determine the path that offers you the best chance for success.

Don't wait until the last minute when solutions are available today.

The decision to file is more controllable with a competent counselor at your side.

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